EDITECNIA: Execution of Technological Installations, automation, telecommunications networks, energy audits and consulting.
Editecnia Ejecución de Instalaciones Tecnológicas

Security System Installations

EDITECNIA designs, implements and configures integrated security systems through a combination of subsystems such as CCTV, intrusion and access control systems.
In the search for the optimal solution, EDITECNIA integrates multiple technologies, configurations and brands, guaranteeing at all times the adoption of the solution that best suits the particular needs of each project. Also, EDITECNIA specializes in conducting security installations in solar farms and big industrial areas. 
Intrusion Installations: based on interior and perimeter detection systems such as infrared barriers, differential pressure systems, magnetic fields, sensor cables, video analysis solutions, volumetric sensors, seismic sensors and magnetic contacts. 
CCTV Installations: based on analog, digital or IP technologies, with centralized or distributed configurations, with or without media converter application (fiber optic, coaxial or twisted pair), with intrusion support system or through techniques for intelligent video analysis.
Access Control Installations: through the application of hardware and software solutions, different configurations that services schedules and/or access profiles; different types of closing mechanisms; with different identification technologies (radio frequency, infrared, magnetic, biometric keyboards or keypads); and with integration in centralized technical management systems.
Maintenance Services: both corrective and, most importantly, preventive, including testing, verification and commissioning of the system; its proper connection to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and periodic application of approved test protocols for validation of continuity of service (cleaning the cameras, testing the fixtures, verification of records, etc.).
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