EDITECNIA: Execution of Technological Installations, automation, telecommunications networks, energy audits and consulting.
Editecnia Ejecución de Instalaciones Tecnológicas

Control and Monitoring

EDITECNIA designs, implements and configures integrated control and monitoring systems in the Energy field, especially in the renewable energy field. The remote control need for installations to verify the proper operation and performance is increasing every day, therefore the implementation of advanced monitoring solutions is essential.

Control Installations: based on the integration of sensors, actuators, microprocessors, data acquisition systems and other control elements, to control and execute an appropriate technical management of all subsystems of a solar power plant or energy production central.

Hardware and software solutions for Supervision and Monitoring: based on the implemented control installation, providing (in real-time) complete and reliable information of the status of the controlled parameters, with the goal to obtain an efficient management of the existing subsystems. Displaying the instantaneous operation of the solar power plant (or energy central), controlling all the operating parameters of the system components and verifying the optimal 'real-time' performance of all the controlled subsystems.

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